SEOs VS Developers – It’s Time to End the Feud

Posted by Easy Internet on  August 2, 2019

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It’s a divide that has existed almost as long as the internet: developers vs SEOs. Both have their own agenda, both want to reach their own goals, and both have their own priorities. They pull and push against each other, while your website languishes for both search and functionality. They won’t communicate, so you find yourself doubling on work wasting time running between the two ‘factions’. As time goes on it starts to seem more
SEOs VS Developers – It’s Time to End the Feud

Easy Internet Founder Recognised For Inclusivity

Posted by Easy Internetbob体育app载 on  August 1, 2019

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Last month, Easy Internet founder and director Mark Esho won the East Midlands Institute of Directors (Iod) award for Inclusivity. These prestigious awards recognise established and emerging directors across the region. There were 46 finalists and 12 categories, with each including a highly commended award and an overall winner.  Mark was previously awarded a highly commended award by the IoD in 2016 for the Small Business category. To return this year and take the main
When people visit your website, Google may be warning them that your site is insecure, leaving them likely to leave for fear of compromising their device or losing data. Is this happening to your site? The reason Google can flag your website is to do with their pledge to make the internet more secure. They first announced this in 2007 and have rolled out changes since then. If a visitor is using Google’s Chrome browser,
SEOs VS Developers – It’s Time to End the Feud
Giving back to the community and creating a business with a conscience is extremely important to us here at Easy Internet. Therefore we’re delighted to announce that our Founder and Managing Director, Mark Esho, has combined forces with a number of influential black colleagues and friends to form the East Midlands Black Business Network. The EMBBN was created by Mark Esho, David McFarlane, Brian Simmons, Ashiedu Joel and Sandra Pollock out of a desire for
What is User Experience (UX)? Simply put, UX is the experience of a user navigating through your website, usually to get information or complete an action. Many factors affect UX and need to be considered if you wish to assess your own website’s UX. Is your site organised in a comprehensive manner? Is the navigation easy to access? Are the contents and categories easy to understand and engaging? Sites with poor UX will have a